August 11, 2020


Hi! I’m Helen and I’m the founder of and owner of Horizons Unleashed. 

I guide individuals, and teams, within organisations that are experiencing rapid change, through the difficult transitions with ease.

Change at any level must involve you and others in conversations and processes which can be challenging.  My skill is to help you accelerate transformation through:

  •  Using open and direct communications,
  •  Recognising yours and others value,
  • Leading to increased trust and performance.

As an organisations development consultant, I’m known for establishing relationships based on trust and mutual respect, and for working in a collaborative partnership to achieve the strategic aim of the organisation, through individuals and the teams.

During my 25 year career with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) I experienced numerous organisational changes, and gained valuable insights into how to lead me, and others, through the difficult transitions which are a consequence of these changes.

As well as working with individuals on a one on one coaching basis, and continuing to work with GSK, I also partner with clients in the NHS and Britvic, working at a high level, with Leadership Teams going through rapid organisational change, to maximise the opportunities and options available in times of transition.

My style is supportive with an edge. I’m passionate about focussing on you and the relationships that along with making the connections to the business processes required, wil enable you and others, lead yourselves and the organisation to success!

An example; the NHS reforms within England meant the forming of a new Business Support team from 3 of the PCTs for Birmingham Public Health, including a later move from the NHS to the Local Authority. This team is a critical function within Public Health receiving and maintaining key information and data, analysing and interpreting it, and supplying it back to the organisation in a form that can be used to formulate and drive the strategy that supports the role of Public Health within our society.

While dealing with the consequence of the transitions following these changes, and still living with a significant level of uncertainty, they were expected to continue to perform and deliver on their critical activities

Following on from a Talent Dynamics Step One workshop where time was invested for the whole team to understand their Talent Dynamic profile, and the profiles of the other team members, and the Public Director also providing clarity of the strategic direction of this team aligned to the organisational needs.

This provided an excellent environment for openness that allowed productive conversations driving improved motivation and performance. They also began to understand why they reacted differently as individuals to change, and how they can support each better during the different stages of change to help maintain this.

The impact was immediate, in particularly seeing their team profile, significantly raised their optimism, and allowed them to consciously appreciate the excellent mix of strengths that each of them brought to the team and to the activities that they are there to do. It strengthened the team bond and that the “Power of Whole is greater than The Power of the Individual”.

They experienced a unique process of creating trust and flow.

The change in the type and depth of conversation that the team had was immediate creating a flexible approach, and there was a new energy within the team that brings them together which the leader says is “palpable”. They are achieving more as they are now more focussed and aligned.

It has facilitated meetings in an environment where they can share the current challenges, deal with the facts and identify the “real” issues more quickly and stay on top of things with the rate of current change that’s happening.

There has been a much greater awareness not just of where their individual value lies but how they can effectively capitalise on each other’s talents to create improved results. This includes a member of the extended team whose value was not being fully leveraged and has now being recognised and already consciously leveraged.

In one instance this enabled an improved efficiency of up to 25% by the right individual being in their flow doing the right activities for the organisation, along with improved effectiveness.

In the first months they have been better able to prioritise their focus and allocate the key activities to those individuals where it is using their strengths and keeping them in flow and performing at their best. As the team leader said “we may have got there eventually but this has accelerated the trust and flow between us; we are cooking on gas!”

They are more connected as a team with an increased confidence and resilience that they are able to deal with further changes and be able maintain morale and maintain performance during significant change.

 Janet Reece, Interim Head, Business Support Team, Public Health

I help you deal with the uncertainty of change by reminding you of the whole picture and the connections with others – transforming “it’s impossible” to “this IS possible!”

The phrase “keeping your head whilst all around are losing theirs” comes to mind!

I partner with you to bring understanding and sense to the chaotic feel of change and identify the best action to take and keep you heading in the right direction.

I work best with those of you who are prepared to open your mind to the possibility that you have more options that you think, and will own taking the action required.

My main focus is working with professionals, whether on an individual basis and/or within teams, connected to the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Educational sectors.

To find out more about how I can guide you through difficult transitions with ease, please call me for an initial conversation on 0788 1502031.

I look forward to hearing from you.